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Overview of MicroVolts Game Online:
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MicroVolts is a MMOTPS by SK-imedia developer. You can download and play MicroVolts for free in Windows platform. It is a multiplayer 3rd person shooter game where it is fun yet exciting with cartoon graphics and characters.

In MicroVolts online game, you can choose up to seven unique weapons during the battle match. The weapons available in MicroVolts are Grenade Launcher, Bazooka, Gatling Gun, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Rifle, and Melee weapon. Each weapon class contains several weapons for you to equip and shoot in MicroVolts.

- Grenade Launcher: Pulse, Hot Dog, and Exile.
- Bazooka: Pocket Rocket, Sting Ray, and Pound.
- Gatling Gun: MicroGun, Crank, and Firefly.
- Sniper Rifle: Sea Eagle, Venom, and Jam.
- Shotgun: KW-79, Zolo, and Bombard.
- Rifle: Pepper, Cricket, and Sherlock.
- Melee: Chain Saw, Folding Shovel, and Mad Wrench.

Besides, you can choose 1 of the 4 characters in MicroVolts game online to play. The characters available are Naomi, Knox, C.H.I.P, and Pandora. For each character, you can choose and customize the costumes for your favorite character.

There are many maps available for players to play in MicroVolts. The maps available include Hobby Shop, The Studio, Castle, House Top, Model Ship, PVC Factory, Toy Fleet, Magic Paper Land, Junk Yard, Neighbourhood, Toy Garden, Battle Mine, and Chess. New maps in MicroVolts are released from time to time in order to add new content for players regularly.

There are many modes available in MIcroVolts Online game. Currently the game modes available for players to play are Invasion mode, Arms Race mode, Zombie Mode, Elimination mode, Close Combat mode, Capture The Battery mode, Item Match mode, Free For All mode, as well as Team Death Match mode. New modes are also added in MicroVolts game online from time to time.

Start playing MicroVolts online game now together with your friends and other MicroVolts players as it is one of the best MMO third person shooter game you can ever find on the web! Enjoy the excitement and fun while playing this cartoon theme shooting game. You can get your Double Kill and Head-shot in MircoVolts game online which is not easy but is fun and addictive once you become better and better in shooting!

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