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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Review
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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
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Overview of Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Game Online:
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Every kids like Marvel Super Heroes, don’t you? Even as a grown up, you will never forget the nostalgic moment when you admire the mysterious power of the super heroes and would like to be one of them: Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine and so forth. Now, I would like to proudly introduce you: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online by Gazillion Entertainment and the Amazing Society. The 3D graphic is stunning, making the action adventure awesome!

First, build up your own super hero squad. You like Cyclops? Or Ms. Marvel? Pick your favorite hero to play. Next, it is time to travel around and fight crime. You will earn your Prize Wheel Ticket by doing it and in turn, use them to spin the Prize Wheel to earn your prizes: silver gold and things. But you have to first join and become a Jr. S.H.I.E.L.D Agent to earn gold. Check it out since new prizes show up daily. You can buy tickets from the Goodies Shop as well. Once you have the gold and silver, it is time to shop. Buy your new hero like Falcon or Thing to add into your squad.

You can also make new friends, and go to the headquarters. Combat the foes and show off your rare and precious collections to your friends. Get your health boost, armor boost, damage boost and energy boost. Use the blocks in the battle field to throw at the enemy. Press the facility button to damage the enemy in a wide area. Attack your enemies with left or right click. It needs time to get refreshed after each use so use it only when you are in dire pinch with too many enemies. Utilize your advantage. For instance, if you use Cyclops, make use of your long range Optic Blast to keep a distance from enemy damage. Whenever you level up, the Hero Up button will appear. Press it and you will blast a massive damage AOE skill to kill the foes to earn your medals.

It is not just a game with exciting missions to accomplish; you also get to play card games. You can also enjoy the arcade game. And what is more, it is safe for family esp. kids, since it is ESRB Kids Privacy Certified. So, stop waiting and start playing. Commence your whole new journey in Super Heroes City.

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