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Lost Saga Review
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Lost Saga
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Overview of Lost Saga Game Online:
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Welcome to Lost Saga! A free-to-play 3D casual fighting game developed by Joymax, Gemscool, as one of the most popular fighting game available now, where you can now choose your fighting warrior from a list of heroes, customizing your unique fighting skills, weapons and armors.

Lost Saga Strategy Guide
In Lost Saga, player can choose their character or mercenaries or heroes from 5 different unique categories including: Magic, Special, Premium, Ranged, and Melee. There are various ways player can obtain those mercenaries, including purchasing them from the in-game store using pesos that they can earned and unlock by winning battles. There are also premium mercenaries available where player can unlock using Gold, Astros, Gcash, or Pesos. Player can own up to 12 mercenary slots by purchasing them in the shop.

List of Mercenaries in Lost Saga
Some example of the Melee include Taekwon Master, Kage Ninja, Blue Dragon Guan, Iron Knight, Shadow Assassin, Smile Joker, Samurai, Spartacus Gladiator, Running Back, Zorro and more. Devil's Ranger, Musketeer, Robin Hood, Treasure Hunter, Space Trooper are available in Ranged. Magic Mercenaries include Cyber Medic, Fire Mage, Ice Mage, Dark Shaman, Lightning Mage, and Necromancer. Player can discover character like Captain Hook, Heavy Crasher, Puppeteer, Rock Star, and Werewolf in Special Mercenaries.

Games Maps and Game Mode
Player can choose to play in nine special game modes in Lost Saga, and each of them offers a great variety of maps for your selection, customizable with 2 unique layouts. Game modes in Lost Saga include: Deathmatch, Team match, Prisoner, Powerstone, Hidden Crown, Boss Raid, Soccer, Gangsi Survival, Crusade and more. Note that now all the game modes are available in each of the maps in Lost Saga. Example of the maps available include Angkor Wat, Skyscrapper, Volcano, Sky Castle, White Snow, Stadium, Cube, Wild West, Stadium, Refinery, Volcanic Graveyard, Starbase, Cemetery, Matrix, Boot Camp, Enchanted Forest and more.

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