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Little Fighter 2 Review
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Little Fighter 2
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Overview of Little Fighter 2 Game Online:
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Little Fighter 2 is a popular free online browser-based multiplayer fighting game with cartoon style where player can select from 8 different character and fight along with 4 human player with the AI, with simple configuration and control of keyboard.

How to play Little Fighter 2
Control your character in Little Fighter 2 using the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT button, and you have the options to attack, defense, and jump in the battlefield. Each of the character would have their special ability that can be unleashed using special combination of keys, with the expense of your mana points.

You can personalize your avatar with a variety of weapons such as bats, hoes, crates, baseballs, boomerangs and etc to incur more damage to the enemy. Participate in the championship mode, VS mode, Stage mode, Battle Mode, as well as the Demo mode to gain more experience points in Little Fighter 2!

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