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Level R Review
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Level R
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Overview of Level R Game Online:
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Welcome to Level R! One of the most popular online 3D MMO (massively multiplayer online) game developed by Invictus which allows player to challenge thousands of other online player around the world. Pick you lady and sports car and see you in the race track !

Level R now offers more advanced and upgrade features in the game include:
- Multiplayer racing competition with thousands of European player and racers
- Highly realistic graphic and racing animation with real-time racing mechanism
- Real life 3D graphical effect including the detailed weather effects, night and day time traffic setting.
- Thousands of car customization with millions of possible combinations such as customizing your car engine to add the painting strips to the car as you want
- Approximately 50 popular car models for your to choose and race in more than 10 available tracks in different surface and setting.
- Standard control to drive the car on keypad and keyboard.
- Join tournament and win various achievement as ranked in the leaderboard.

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