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Overview of KartRider Game Online:
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Like to have fun playing simple racing game with your friends? Try Kart Rider, an free Massive Multiplayer Online Game that allows players race with each other in a fictitious fantasy vehicles, as well as some real life cares. With over 250 million users worldwide, now you can enjoy crazy racing Kart Rider with your friends !

Before starting to play this game, player can take a short 2 minutes tutorial provide by the game to get themselves more familiarize with the overview. Then player can start to choose their driver and start to perform in various mission. Players have a variety of tracks to start with, each with its own unique fun, challenges, and obstacles that will stop you from finishing the race. On top of the first place, player will be given grace period of 10 seconds to complete the race, if not they will be considered "did not finish" which player will be penalized in terms of experience and money gained.

Experience point is crucial for players to keep upgrading to proceed to next track and game lobbies to race with player with similar experience. In Kart Driver, player can compete as individual pollos or as double pollos, performing various action such as drifting, nitrous acceleration, and using various items to perform tricks and sabotage on other players. There are a great variety of game mode that players can go for, including Item Mode, Speed Mode, Flag Mode, Scenario, Battle Mode, Chance Mode, Dead Mode, and Giant Mode.

Player can choose their favorite vehicles with several themes such as Burst, Solid, Marathon, Cotton, Saber, Plasma, Lodi, or Thunder type. Each of the vehicles are equipped with their own strength and weakness in terms of design, stability, control, security, speed, drifting ability, nitrous boost, weight and etc. So choose one that fit your style and preference the best in the race!

Start joining the largest fun racing game community by playing Kart Rider today by competing and challenging your friend. Show'em who is the boss in Kart Rider!

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