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Jumpgate Evolution Review
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Jumpgate Evolution
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Overview of Jumpgate Evolution Game Online:
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Jumpgate Evolution is a action-based MMO developed by NetDevil and published by Codemasters. Inspired by the World of Warcraft with fantasy gaming accessible for the masses Jumpgate Revolution intend to imitate and replicate but within the space sci-ffi MMO genre. It could be considered as a standalone entry with totally new and fresh graphic design system plus smooth gameplay and extra added unique features.

Jumpgate Evolution may use the scene and background or previous game 2001's Jumpgate, with the difference for the passage of time and the whims of humanity. The combat system will be distinct and more action-oriented involving twitch-based gameplay in the battlefield. Besides, compared to the previous one, this current version also improve the social and interaction system where the dynamic player-driven economy has been included, and there are more varied and accessible gameplay style to fit for different audience of interest. However, Jumpgate Evolution is indeed still in development and more details regarding the features will be released soon.

The galaxy is in fragile state full of mystical and unknown potential hazard or threats of may at the brink of war. Jumpgate Evolution enable you to enter a dynamic universe and fight alongside against numerous players and creatures with action space combat style.

Let's explore thed depths of the universe, enter to engage the immense and intense battle of PvP from space rookie to elite commander, utilizing your strategic tactics to impose devastating impact on them!

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