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Overview of Hobowars Game Online:
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Hobowars is a browser based RPG developed by Hellbored Entertainment. It’s a casual fighting game about being Hobo and how to survive an everyday living by squeezing any cash from wherever or whoever you can get and fight other hobos.

YIN this game, you play as a hobo. You get to engage in many activities, including some funny funny ones, such as beg for money, get into school to study, join a gang, fight other hobos, and even own and train rats. You need food to survive so the easiest way is to fight hobos. The fight is heavily stat based and it depends on the weapons too. By defeating other hobos, you can reap the rewards including money, experience and level. With the money, you can buy food, or even invest in weapons and equipments for future battles. The weapon can be least scary as a Paper Cup which costs only $400 and +4 attack, or a Plastic Spoon which costs $1600 and +4 attack to as ‘deadly’ as rocks which cost $3600 and +12 attack. Well, what fancy weapons can you ever expect from a hobo, right? With the experience and level, you can upgrade your stat. Another way of earning a living is to explore the city. Throughout the process, you may be fortunate enough to collect cans or even dropped cash by other pedestrians. You can also do your ‘work’, which is begging for money.

One interesting activity you can engage is to study. It is funny to say for a hobo but if you have some extra cash to spend, no harm trying it out since it can enhance your attribute.

All round, Hobowars is just a simple and casual game that you should not take it seriously. It is good only to kill some time but not a game that you can put your heart and soul in it.

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