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Hitman: Blood Money Review
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Hitman: Blood Money
(27 votes)
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Overview of Hitman: Blood Money Game Online:
Average Rating: (27 votes)
(5stars: 23 votes)
(4stars: 2 votes)
(3stars: 1 votes)
(2stars: 0 votes)
(1stars: 1 votes)
Hitman: Blood Money is an MMO action and stealth game developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive. This is the fourth entry in the Hitman game series following its impressively exciting series in the past. The objective of the game is to kill one or more individuals in each mission, as stealthy and quietly as possible. The main character of the Hitman: Blood Money is the Agent 47. He has to go many through difficult obstacles such as the armed guards, the security checkpoints, preventing from being discovered by any possible witnesses and etc.

Hitman: Blood Money has some new features. These include the ability to climb through some hard obstacles at the very critical positions. Also, if the player is capable and has high dexterity, he is able to use an NPC as a human shield avoiding the bullets or the exposure. There are more actions performed by the character. In some missions, he has to kill the targets in an ‘accident’ way. For example, pushing the target off a balcony, tampering with someone’s grill to make it explode when it is activated. Also, any material on site, such as the utensils, knifes, extinguisher and so on can serve as a useful weapon causing damage to the enemies.

Furthermore, Hitman: Blood Money introduces the Notoriety System. If the player does not choose easy mode (Rookie) before starting the game, he has the possibility to be caught by the CCTV, or being witnessed by the bystanders. This will cause the ‘notoriety’ to increase. The higher the notoriety is, the higher the chance the player will be discovered by the NPC is. And the ‘notoriety’ will be carried to the subsequent missions. So, the player is advised to play as ‘stealthy’ as possible. Otherwise, he can also decrease the notoriety through the bribery.

In the end of each mission, a newspaper article will be announced, telling the results of the player. If the player is ‘stealthy’, ‘quiet’, and ‘clean’ enough in his tasks, he will be rated as a “Silent Assassin”. Else, the newspaper will be bombarded by the undesirable headlines and the reports of your crimes. But no worry, you can re-play each mission to improve your result.

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