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Heroes of Newerth
(3 votes)
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Overview of Heroes of Newerth Game Online:
Average Rating: (3 votes)
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Welcome to Heroes of Newerth, a free-to-play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena)with the similar theme as WarCraft III, Defense of the Ancients, DOTA and other popular MOBA games. With the standard and simple control hotkeys, player can choose from a list of popular 40 heroes, each with their unique strength and abilities to gain an edge in the battlefield.

Starting from a basic level, player would need to continuously defeating enemy and monster to gain more experience points, earn more gold and cash reward, and to purchase more unique and special power-ups to equip their heroes with better armor and weapons.

Player would be able to see and track all their stats such as kills, deaths and assists are recorded and displayed on your player profile. This allows players to track their progress but also allows S2Games to keep track of leavers. Free to play players may become verified upon hitting level five or purchasing gold coins. The verified system lets players decide if they want to be matched up with newer players or not, you will be rewarded three free tokens after getting verification. This new system will reduce the complaints from veteran players about new F2P noobs.

The objective of Heroes of Newerth is to simply control and lead your hero to destroy your opponent main building, by forming teams of up to five players without duplicated heroes allowed. Each of the heroes would gain experience by either killing creeps or heroes. Start playing Heroes of Newerth to become the master of warriors and defeat your enemies now!

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