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Overview of EverQuest Game Online:
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EverQuest is a fantasy MMORPG game developed by Sony Online Entertainment. EverQuest is a P2P game where you will need to pay to play the game. However, Sony do provide 14 days free trial for users who would like to try out EverQuest online game first before actually paying for this game.

One of the best features of EverQuest MMORPG online game is that there are up to 16 classes available for users and players to choose and play. This include Enchanter class, Rouge class, Ranger class, Cleric class, Berserker class, Beastlord class, Bard class, Wizard class, Druid class, Magician class, Monk class, Warrior class, Shaman class, Shadow Knight class, Paladin class, and Necromancer class.

Besides choosing your class for your own character, you can still choose your own favorite from a variety of racers, deities and appearances for your character.

In EverQuest, you will be traveling and adventuring around the Norrath, which is a world full of monsters and characters. You can arm your character with many powerful equipments, weapons and armors, as well as spells, magic, and abilities.

The four great features of EverQuest include the massive special and unique content provided for users and players in the game, evolve your character class into an even more powerful character will more skills and abilities, lots of magnificent worlds for you to adventure and explore, as well as epic quests and raids for you to participate and join together with your friends in EverQuest online game!

Though EverQuest 2 is already on the market, EverQuest 1 online game is still available, and is still continue to develop, with enthusiastic community inside the game waiting for you to join them in EverQuest game online!

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