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Overview of Elsword Game Online:
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Elsword is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by KGO studio company of South Korean. It is a real-time fast paced action game originally introduced in Grand Chase and also similar to Fists of Fu. The introduction of anime or manga graphics style into Elsword make it appealing to numerous fans of manga series.

The interesting feature in Elsword would be the PvP battles where offensive combos are given emphasize and focus. With group PvP, the combination of different variety of skills and abilites make battles even more challenging and fantastic. Each player with his own unique combat style and combos never let you dull in the battle arena.

You can choose your character out of Elsword, Aisha and Rena. Elsword is a fighter who masters swords with powerful meele-ranged damage. Raven is also a meele attacking class but his fast attack speed enable the chain combos easily performed. Also has great evasive skills and able to dodge many of opponents attack. Aisha is a mage who cast on active spells and skills to impose damage to opponents. She may attack more than one targets at once. Rena is a trained marksman who excel in the bow and arrow. She is able to deal damage to target at a great distance. Each class of character can then progress and evolve to another at higher level, for example Magic Knight and Sword Knight for Elsword at level 15.

The beautiful anime-style graphics plus interesting and exciting storyline make the RPG experience of fantasy render Elsword worth playing!

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