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Digimon Battle
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Overview of Digimon Battle Game Online:
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Welcome back to Digimon Battle, one of the most popular animation based online game with the creatures developed by Bandai Group as one of the most famous Japanese toy companies. Inspired by the TV series, now Digimon Battle is coming back online for free and can be played by both parents and children.

To start playing Digimon Battle, you would need to create your account first by entering your information at the official website and confirm you account through email. Log in into the game using your username and password to further download the game client, with a shortcut created on your desktop.

Player would start their new character in the Real World of Digimon Battle in two special villages: Amusement Parks and Digital Admin Bureau. This the starting place where for new Tamer to familiarize with the game, and for the expert to capture more Digimons.

In this role playing game, the Tamers would need to help the Digimon to evolve and become stronger by defeating evil Digimon, and become the respected Digimon Trainers. Pick up your favorite Digimon and become the Digimon Master!

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