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Dead Island Review
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Dead Island
(12 votes)
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Overview of Dead Island Game Online:
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Dead Island is an MMO FPS action game. In the game, the player is drawn into the world of the Dead Island. Secretly and without warning, it breaks out on the fictional island of Banoi. The character of the player was supposed to be a lucky guest of the Royal Palms Resort enjoying the holiday in such a luxurious and beautiful beach of a tropical paradise. However, with the advent of the creepy zombies, it turns out to be a surviving journey.

The Dead Island game involves FPS Melee Combat. The player has to pick up the weapons on spot such as a sword, a hatchet or a pipe and be always ready to knock the zombies with the precision game mechanics built in the game. Do not be panicked! The player has to make the aiming carefully to accurately hit and kill the undesirable creatures. Utilize each weapon to its fullness. Sometimes, escaping is a better tactic. If you are surrounded by the zombies, do your best running for your life.

Also, the players can team up with up to 4 players cooperating and coordinating together. The characters are: Xian Mei, San B, Logan and Purna. Xian Mei is a fast learner and quick on her feet. San B and Logan have more strength. Purna is brave and has worked as a bodyguard for the VIPs in the dangerous places all over the world. Each player has its strengths and when they are working together, the effects are more significant.

In the game, the player can customize the weapons. For example, a gun can have a sword mounted on it. This makes the attacking and defense faster when dealing with multiple zombies. As the game progresses, the player can learn more skills and do more damage on the enemies.

If you are a fanatic player for the Escape game, do not miss this Dead Island!

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