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Dead Frontier Review
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Dead Frontier
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Overview of Dead Frontier Game Online:
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Welcome to Hell! Dead Frontier is a free online browser-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) where player can coordinate with thousands of online player around the world to fight for survival in a zombie invaded city. Are you up to the challenge to survive in Dead Frontier?

Dead Frontier offers a realistic 3rd person survival horror action with extensive role playing element. In the infested city of Fairview, player would need to fight till the last drop of their blood to survive and create their own hideout.

In Dead Frontier, the overall objective is to survive and kill as many zombies as possible, which in return will earn your experience points and cash reward to gain level up. Starting with level 1, player would progressively gain level up to level 200. Each time of the level up will gain you 5 stat point and 5 proficiency points where player can spend up to 100 points max in each category.

Player can customize and choose their favorite characters in Dead Frontier of either Doctor, Chef, Engineer, Scientist, or Farmer, with each role having their own strength, ability and weakness. Doctor would be able to administer complex medical treatment to himself and others; Chef can prepare food for himself and others to recover strength; Engineer would be able to repair armor for themselves and others; Scientist will have the ability to research and develop potential medical treatment; while Farmer will be able to produced high quality for others.

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