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Crystal Saga
(26 votes)
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Overview of Crystal Saga Game Online:
Average Rating: (26 votes)
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Crystal Saga is a MMORPG browser game by R2Games. Crystal Saga Online is a 2.5D fantasy browser game where you just need a little time to load the Crystal Saga game and start playing right away by registering a R2Games account. Crystal Saga download and installation is not required at all. Crystal Saga is one of the newest popular browser MMORPG in 2011 where you can play it for free!

In Crystal Saga game online, you can choose to play between 5 different unique classes / races. There are Mage, Ranger, Priest, Rogue, and Knight available for you to choose and play. Each class in Crystal Saga online game is equipped with unique skills and strength. Here is a brief Crystal saga wiki and guide on all the classes review:

- Mage: You can choose to upgrade and concentrate on either fire magic or ice magic. Both of the fire magic and ice magic are good in area of effects, which is the strength of Mage class compared to other classes.

- Ranger: Ranger class is good in using range attacks like bow, and prefer to keep enemies at a distance instead of melee range. Ranger can also use traps in order to keep enemies struggle in static position before they can get a chance to reach the Ranger position. Ranger is good in nature magic DPS and is an anti-mage class where Mage class will have hard time fighting with Ranger.

- Priest: Good in Blood and Holy abilities. Priest class is well known for supporting teammates by healing and resurrecting team or party members in the combat. Priest in Crystal Saga online game can also attack enemies through the Blood ability which normally deal damage over time to enemies.

- Rouge: Rouge is good in Shadow and combat abilities and skills. Rouge class is best against Ranger and Mage as Rouge can use stealth and show up in the close range infront of Ranger and Mage or enemies. Rouge can defeat enemies in close range using the high speed shadow skills.

- Knight: Best to be a tanker as well as a melee DPS. There are 2 unique skills and abilities for Knight class which are Retribution and Protection. Retribution ability can let Knight to cause area physical damage to group of enemies while Protection can increase the durability, armor and defense of the Warrior.

There are lots of pets in Crystal Saga where you can catch and adopt them. Your pet will join you in the battle if you successfully captured the pet. So, how to capture pets in Crystal Saga? When you level up your characters until level 10, you can then enter the Monster Island in Crystal Saga game to capture and get your own 1st pet. Just find Beast Master in Starglade and you will be teleported by him to the pet paradise, the Monster Island.

In capturing a pet in Crystal Saga online game, you will need to have a Pet Taming Scroll where you can get the Pet Taming Scroll from Miscellaneous Items Vendor. The pet you wish to get and adopt must not exceed your level, and try to catch the pet in Monster Island after you've lowered the monster or pet health to a certain level. Lower health monsters will increase your success rate or else you will encounter failure in capturing the pets in Crystal Saga online game.

There are many types of pets you can get in Crystal Saga. The available pets in Crystal Saga online game include spectre, bear cub, beach crawler, vulture, picaroon, clan warrior, and archer. The pets can be categorized into Ordinary Pets, Baby Pets, Morph Pets, and Purchasable Pets.

- Ordinary pets: Ordinary pets are the most fundamental pets.

- Baby pets: Baby pets will be only level 1 when you start capturing them. They are from ordinary pets but the advantages of capturing baby pets in Crystal Saga is that baby pets will have higher Maturity and Aptitudes compared to the ordinary pets.

- Morph Pets: Morphed pets in Crystal Saga can learn additional unique skills besides having higher Maturity and Aptitudes compared to the ordinary pets. How to get your pets morphed in Crystal Saga is important as morphed pets is strong and is rare.

- Purchasable Pets: These type of pets have extra special talent skills compared to all other types of pets available in Crystal Saga online game.

You can also train your pets as well as customizing your pet in the pet tab. There are Name, Level, Class, Gender, Loyal, Life, Maturity, Aptitudes, Type, Offensive, Defense, Support, Agility, Balanced, Race/Resi/Para, and Absorb.

The other great feature of Crystal Saga online game is the Soul System. Your character can gain unique aura, bonuses for your own class which based on the items you gain possession of as well as achievements in Crystal Saga online. You can finally build your own unique character's inherent traits to make your character totally different from the other players in Crystal Saga game online.

The additional feature of Crystal Saga is that you can get wings for your character inside the game, which looks cool and great! So, how to get wings in Crystal Saga game online? You can just follow the main quests line, and when you reach level 20, you will get and receive your own Battle Wings after completing the main quest from The Dream Master Monikov.

You can also upgrade your angel wings in Crystal Saga where you can get additional properties after upgrading your wings in CS. You will need an item called Heroic Wings to upgrade your wings which you can get it from the loot of monsters or you can buy Heroic Wings directly from Item Mall.

You can also get your own cool looking mounts in Crystal Saga. Your character will get one free mount once you've reached level 15 and after complete a series of quests given. For the mounts, you can feed the mount as well as transforming your mount to get extra speed and skills. You can get additional mounts once your character reaches level 30 and 45. You can transform all the mounts in Crystal Saga to get extra benefits.

For afk mode in Crystal Saga online game, you can set up the automatic combat system. Your character can fight on its own during your busy time. The automated combat system is good and well designed. You can set your characters to regenerate his health or mana when it runs out by using items, and also to attack certain monsters and picking up the loots. You can save a lot of time in training your character in Crystal Saga online game by setting up the automatic combat system. AFK mode in Crystal saga is best suit for people who can only spend a little time playing games everyday.

Another interesting feature of Crystal Saga game online is the Quest Pathfinding. You can click on the quests for related NPCs or locations, and the system will automatically walk your character to that particular NPC or location directly. This saves your time in Crystal Saga online as you will no longer have to waste time searching and finding the location of that NPC or where can you get the item in Crystal Saga.

The events and activities for you to participate together with your friends in Crystal Saga game online include Seed of Life, the training, Redemption, Blessed Bath, Plunder, Escort, and Delivery.

For the equipments and inventory system in Crystal Saga, there are Private Shop system, Socket, Enchance, and Split Stack where you can slot gems into your equipments and weapons to get additional power, trading and selling your items to other Crystal Saga players, and many more.

You can also play the Crystal Saga in Full Screen just like any other client MMORPG games. When you sign in to Crystal Saga login after your registration, a new play window of Crystal Saga will pop out and you can press F11 to enter the Crystal Saga Full Screen mode completely.

There are also an automated account deletion for Crystal Saga online game. If you do not go for Cyrstal Saga login for more than 6 days with your character level equal to or lower than level 7, or 14 days / 2 weeks with your character level equal to or lower than level 20, your account may get deleted. However, you can prevent characters deletion in Crystal Saga game online by becoming a VIP member or having a Crystal item in your inventory, and your character will not be deleted.

The features of Crystal Saga MMORPG online game include browser based with fast loading, up to 5 different unique classes for you to play, adventure and explore in Crystal Saga world which is great in 2.5D graphics and environment, lots of mounts in Crystal Saga MMO game for you to discover and to get your own mount to ride on, various weapons, items, monsters, creatures, for you to get and fight, sophisticated pet system where you can get your own favorite pet from a variety of pets available, complete daily quests to receive rewards, Crystal Saga events for you to participate, form a guild and party to adventure in the Crystal Saga dungeons together with your friends and many more awaiting you in Crystal Saga MMOPRG game online!

Hope you enjoy playing Crystal Saga, which is free to play on any browser. You can get the general Crystal Saga wiki and guide in the information and overview above. Any Crystal Saga cheats and hack, as well as in depth wiki, guides, reviews and tutorials you may find it and get it too in Crystal Saga forum.

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