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Overview of ASTA Game Online:
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ASTA, the war of tears and wind, is a MMORPG developed by Polygon Games, and is a Korean originated game under HanGame. ASTA online game is currently available in 4 languages, the original Korean language, English, Chinese and Japanese. Polygon Games, the developer of this ASTA MMORPG is located at South Korea and render the great 3D graphics using CryEngine 2, and is available in PC / Windows platform.

If you ever dreaming of becoming gods, then ASTA game online is the best choice for you. Currently there are many gods for you to choose and play in The Gate of God, to involve yourself in the battle between Nirvana Warriors and Arita.

In the world of ASTA, everything is divided into either Hwangcheon (the land of death) or Asu (the land of life). The balance and peaceful life was broekn when a man named Yukjin found the Sword of Prophecy, which can be used to predict the future. A organization named Cheonjigwan was established to save the world from dangers. There are 3 Trinity gods who ruled the Heavens from the beginning (Cheonsiwon, Jamiwon and Taeniwon).

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