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A Mystical Land Review
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A Mystical Land
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Overview of A Mystical Land Game Online:
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Mystical Land is a free-to-play MMO 3D fantasy and adventurous browser and Facebook game. The objective of the game is to train yourself to become the strongest and the most versatile hero while at the same time owning and developing your home and garden. This game combines the traditional MMO with some elements of the role-playing and PvE.

The settings are in a magical world where anything is possible. The story begins with the villages you are staying in are invaded by the rebel bandits and the monsters. So, you shoulder the responsibility to help save the villages by standing up fight against the evils. There are 4 distinct classes including Warrior, Wizard, Hunter, and the Priest.

Warrior has the highest strength, with the mighty sword and strong armor. Wizard is a mystic class having the ability to cast magic skills. He is able to hit multiple targets during attacks. Furthermore, he possesses the ability to immobilize enemies with ice. Hunters have the highest dexterity with fast and silent attack. They are spies of the forests. Priest is able to uses his magic healing the teammates’ health.

Once the character is selected, the adventurous journeys begin with lots of funs. Be ready to face the monsters along your paths. Fight and defeat them to earn rewards. As a beginner, you can learn the basic skills through completing the quests and collecting items. The success is determined by how high your level is. Enjoy the funny activities such as fishing, cooking, mining, crafting and blacksmithing. The enthralling 3D graphics will ensure you a wonderful playing experience.

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